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"The GREEN rush" has started! With more states legalizing Marijuana the opportunity to invest in this growing industry is becom8ing a major reality to small and big time investors.


Don't get fooled by stock pushers that promote "hot tip" or "the next big thing" during this MARIJUANA BOOM!

Be cautious of "Pump and Dump Schemes" that are ready to take ALL your money. Always remember "If it's too good to be true, it probably is".

It's important to understand that most of the stocks in the Marijuana industry are traded over the counter or "OTC" and with that comes a HUGE amount of risk!

Only play this market with money you're willing to lose.

It's also vital that you do your own research about any investment.

The Questions:

Where do you start? What company do you invest in? Who's even in the cannabis industry?

To help save you time on researching ALL the marijuana stocks out there, we have provided detailed information on over 85 cannabis stocks to get you started.

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We encourage all visitors to share a trading strategy. After all most marijuana-preneur's are new and looking to succeed with there investments.  Seeing real people sharing real life trading strategies and thoughts could really help all investors stay on the right track.

Please feel free to share any strategy you have, share good trades, bad trades, share with visitors what has worked and what has not worked.

Help each other! An informed investor is a better investor!

You can't take your strategies with you when you die, so SHARE them, make money and get HIGH!

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Your Marijuana Stock Prices Headquarters has the investor in mind! With our ALL-IN-ONE research approach there is no other place you need to look for up-to-date specific marijuana stock bios, stock prices, stock news and shared investment strategies.

Our goal is to keep visitors and members informed at all times not only about marijuana stock prices, but the industry as a whole. While other sites promote just news and stock information, we go step further to deliver specific insights on marijuana stock companies, education to protect investors from scams and promote through our strategy share the sharing of investing techniques.

We are striving to become the central marijuana stock research site on the web!



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